About Us

SOTA Custom Homes is a custom branch of Sheeba Investments & Property Development Pty Ltd.

(ACN: 116 911 874, license number: 200 9361)



SOTA Custom Homes is a science-based building company applying zero net energy concept to create pollution free indoor spaces and buildings. The Company’s innovative approach is the integrated nano-engineering and biotechnology advances in the building designs to deliver clean indoor air and a comfortable lifestyle.


Building a home is a personal experience and that is why at SOTA, we endeavour to make building a new home a pleasant experience for all of our clients.


We extend the experience and professionalism of our staff who will work closely with you throughout the process starting with designing your dream home in accordance with your specifications and budget. Our professional practice and quality assurance backed by a strong customer service ensure you will move into your quality-built and safe new home.


Our staff hold relevant qualifications and higher education in a range of areas from environmental sustainment and energy efficiency to application of Industry and Government guidelines and requirements. This wealth allows us deliver our products in most effective and environmentally-responsible manner.


While we focus on delivering modern, contemporary houses , we also look into emerging trends and technologies to future-proof your homes. As a family business, our passion simply goes beyond the current trends.


For more information or to organise a consultation, please contact our team.