Saint Marie

As a knock-down rebuild, Saint Marie proves you can live in vogue in a well-established suburb. The design has used longstanding artefacts to its advantage, such as the beautiful landscaping, to harmonise on the exterior. The interior, however, is equipped with the most modern inclusions and state of the art design. The two-story house contains all the trademark SOTA features, that is neutral tones, spacious living areas, high ceilings, feature materials highlighted throughout the house, and high end appliances, with a mix of industrial elements to suit the current palette in building design. Saint Marie’s wooden and marble elements complement one another to create the most luxurious feeling within a suburban home. The design provides boundless peaceful areas, both indoors and outdoors – there is a corner for everyone.

Yet again, SOTA delivers another minimalist design that beams ‘effortless luxury’. Look forward to coming home.